July 2022

Date Activities Responsible Person(s)
15th-20th Online Resgistration for Major Selection (Year II) DAA/PLs
22nd Reporting (New Students) SSOs
23rd Registration for New Students and semester repeater CF AESRO/Exam Cell
25th General Staff Meeting Adm./HR Officer
25th-27th Academic Orientation(UT & L) for Year I Re-assessment(RA) examination. PL/Exam Cell
26th-28th RA Examination Declaration of Major Selection Result. DAA/PLs
28th-29th Value Education for Year I SSOs
30th Submission of Semester Work Plan to the respective PLs. Orientation for Year I (New Students) Last day for RA Evaluation. Module Coordinator /Tutors DAA/PLs
30th-31st Year II Students, Year III Students report to campus. SSOs

August 2022

Date Activities Responsible Person(s)
1st First Sermon of Lord Buddha
2nd Regular Classes for Year I begin. Spring Semester Registration for Students(Year II /Year III) and payment of fees to finance section. College Acdemic Committee Meeting. Exam Cell/ Finance Section CAC, Secretary
3rd Regular classes for Year II, Year III Result Declaration of Reassessment (RA) Exam DAA/PLs/Exam Cell
5th Submission of Module Report (Spring Semester) to respective PLs. Module Coordinators
8th BBA/BCOM APM Reports Considered and endorsed by CAC BBA/BCom PLs
9th Submission of APMR report to OVC, RUB DAA

September 2022

Date Activities Responsible Person(s)
17th-22nd Mid Semester Examinations. DAA/PLs
29th BBA/BCOM Program Commitee Meeting BBA/BCOM PLs

October 2022

Date Activities Responsible Person(s)
14th College Foundation Day

November 2022

Date Activities Responsible Person(s)
1st Coronation Day of His Majesty the King Adm./HRO
11th Birthday Anniversary of 4th Druk Gyelpo. Adm./HRO
24th Last Date of Teaching and Learning Module Coordinators/tutors
27th Last date for CA compilation marks in IMS Module Coordinators/tutors
26th Nov – 7th Dec Semester End Examination DAA/PLs/Exam Cell

December 2022

Date Activities Responsible Person(s)
7th End of Semester Examination DAA/PLs
11th Last date of Evaluation DAA/PLs
12th Last date for Compilation of SE marks. Module Coordinators/tutors
13th-14th Semester –end Result Analysis DAA/PLS/Exam Cell
15th PBoE Meeting DAA/PLs
16th CAC Meeting and Result Declaration CAC, Secretary
17th National Day. Adm./HRO
18th General Meeting. Adm./HRO
19th Winter Vacation(19th Dec to 30th January 2023) Adm./HRO
Note: Every semester of the programme should have at least 15 weeks of teaching during which learners should complete at least 60 credits of study at the undergraduate level (Diploma and degree including Honours) and postgraduate level (postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma and masters), (WAL, 2017)