• – M.A. (English Literature) English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad (2010-2012)
  • – Bachelors of Education, National Institute of Education, Samtse ( 2003-2005)

Designation: Lecturer

Email: nimawangchuk.gcbs@rub.edu.bt

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning:

Nima Wangchuk is a lecturer at Gedu College of Business Studies, Royal University of Bhutan. He served in the Ministry of Education as a teacher for twelve years before joining the college in 2017. He had taught English Language and Writing, Reading & Literature in higher secondary Schools prior to the current occupation. He is a passionate teacher and keen researcher. As an educator, I strongly believe that children are distinctive with diverse abilities and learning styles and hence I seek to inspire them in all aspects of their lives by assisting them to develop their true and innate potentials.

I always believe in inclusive classroom with positive learning environment where each child feel welcomed, contented and secured. His research interests include teacher education and Teaching-Learning Pedagogies. He is also interested in the study of multiple intelligence and language efficacy in classrooms both at the school and university level. Besides teaching and research, he has participated in reviewing a number of modules for Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Commerce (BCOM) at Gedu College of Business, Royal University of Bhutan. He is currently the editorial board member of Literary Horizon an International Peer-Reviewed English Journal.

Professional Experience:

  • Lecturer, Gedu College of Business Studies, (2017 to till the date)
  • Teacher, Peljorling HSS, Samtse, (2007- 2016)
  • Assistant Principal , Peljorling HSS, ( 2012- 2016)
  • Teacher, Gesarling MSS, Dagana, (Jan. 2006- Dec. 2006)
  • Resourced a two-day international Online Workshop on “Curriculum Vitae, Resume and Cover Letter Writing.” (4th- 5th 2020) organized by GCBS.
  • Reviewer of journal article. BJBM: The CBRED Journal, GCBS, RUB, Gedu Bhutan 2019
  • Reviewer of ACS101Academic Skills, University wide module, RUB, Lobesa Bhutan 2018
  • External Examiner for College of Language and Cultural Studies, Taktse, RUB, Trongsa 2018-2021.
  • Member Secretary of College Academic Committee, GCBS,RUB, Gedu since 2017- 2021
  • Resourced University Teaching/Learning Programme for 1st year students of GCBS, at GCBS, Gedu, since 2017.
  • Resourced Leadership programme for elected student leaders of GCBS, at GCBS, Gedu, since 2018.
  • Managing Editor of Gedu Chronicle a Biannual newsletter of GCBS Gedu, (from 2019 – till now
  • Editorial Board Member of Literary Horizon an International peer-reviewed English Journal

Current responsibilities:

  • BBA Programme Leader
  • Module tutor for BBA & BCOM- (ASC101, LAN101 & GSC101)
  • CAC member Secretary and Area Coordinator for Language ( English) 2017-2021
  • Media Club Adviser- Gedu Broadcasting Unit. 2017-2021
  • College Editorial Team
  • College Task Force Member
  • CAC Member

Publications (If any):

Book chapters

Wangchuk, N. (2019). Anthology of Poems. Phuentsholing, Bhutan: KMT Press, (p. 15).

 Journal articles 

  1. Wangchuk, N. & Sharma, D. (2020). A thematic analysis of the novelette Dawa: the story of a stray Dog in Bhutan. Journal of English Language and Literature 7 (1), 86- 92. doi:10.333329/joell.7.1
  2. Wangchuk. C, Wangchuk N, Sharma. D. & Dorji. P (2020). Reading Habits of Freshmen of Gedu College of Business Studies. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports 13(1): 1-9, 2020; Article no.AJARR.59459 ISSN: 2582-3248

  3. Wangchuk, N. & Sharma, D. (2021). The Inclusion of Literature in Business Education: An Outlook for Better Business. Journal of English Language and Literature 8 (1), 9- 13. doi:org/10.333329.joell.8.1
  4. Wangchuk, N., Wangchuk C, Sharma. D. & Dorji. P (2021). Perception and Practices of Teaching Grammar in Higher Secondary Schools in Bhutan. Journal of English as A Foreign Language Teaching and Research (JEFLTR) 1 (1) (2021): 46-60
  5. Wangchuk, N., Sharma. D. & Dorji.P (2021). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and College Libraries in Bhutan for Educational Achievement: A Comparative Study. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies 17(3): 8-17, 2021; Article no.AJESS.67926 ISSN: 2581-6268.
  6. Wangchuk.N, Sharma. D. & Sharma. I.P. (2021) Education during the coronavirus pandemic: an experience from Bhutan. Journal of English Language and Literature 8 (1), 65- 92. ISSN: 2349-9753
  7. Wangchuk. N, (2022) “Faculty’s Challenges and Benefits in Mentoring the Undergraduate Research Project: A Case in Gedu College of Business Studies, Royal University of Bhutan.” Elixir International Journal, Elixir Leadership Mgmt. 162 (2022) 56054 – 56062, ISSN: 2229-712


  • Letter of Award by RCSC to pursue masters degree, 2010
  • National Order of Merit for completion of ten years of service, 2016.


  • Teacher education and Teaching-Learning Pedagogies,
  • Multiple intelligence and language efficacy
  • Assessments and performance
  • Teaching & Learning Style