• Ph.D (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)
  • MBA (Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli)
  • B.Ed (Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai)
  • UGC-NET (University Grants Commission, Delhi)
  • M.Phil (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)
  • M.Com (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)
  • B.Com (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)

Designation: Assistant Professor Email: ramki.gcbs@rub.edu.bt

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning I believe that every day is a new learning experience for every teacher and teaching is a lifelong learning process,where one can learn new strategies, new ideas, and new philosophies. I understand that every student is unique with varied abilities and learning styles and has the right to be treated with dignity. I always believe in inclusive classroom with positive learning environment where each child feels welcomed, comfortable and safe.All students must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. A degree of trust and respect, between a teacher and students is the milestone for learning and social evolving process. I seek to inspire them in all aspects of their lives by helping them to develop their potentials. I committed to carry out my duties and responsibilities with high integrity and honesty in all dealings. I always aspire to evolve, grow, develop and change to be a better person, find a courage to get better daily, and find areas to improve myself.
Professional Experience

  1. Assistant Professor, Gedu College of Business Studies, (June 2009 to till the date)
  2. Teacher, Karma Academy Winter Coaching Camps (2016 to 2019)
  3. Teacher,Kelki Higher Secondary School, (May 2001 to June 2009)
  4. Tutor, Continuing Education Program, Kelki Higher Secondary School, (2006 to 2008)
  5. Marker, Bhutan Board of Examinations, Ministry of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan(2006 to 2008)
  6. Lecturer, CBM College Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, (June 2000 to April 2001)
  7. Manager, Annai Advertising, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (June 1998 to December 1999 -Part-time job).

Current Responsibilities

  1. Module Coordinator, ACT305, Management Accounting 1, and BLT203 Taxation Law and Practice
  2. Tutor, ACT305, Management Accounting 1
  3. Chief Invigilator, Examination Committee
  4. Member, Staff Welfare Committee
  5. Member, College Taskforce Team

Publications (if any): Book Publications:

  1. Ramki’s Commerce – BHSEC XII, Published by: DSB Publication, Thimphu: Bhutan. Published in March 2008, 3rd Revised Edition in April 2016, ISBN: 99936-685-0-8
  1. Ramki’s Accountancy – BHSEC XII, Published by: DSB Publication, Thimphu: Bhutan. Published in April 2007, 3rd Revised Edition in August 2011, ISBN: 99936-685-1-6
  1. Ramki’s Commerce Guide, Published by: DSBPublication, Thimphu: Bhutan. Published in April 2006
  1. ISC Commerce Guide, Published by: DSBPublication, Thimphu:Bhutan. First published in September 2003, Second published in May 2004

Paper Publications:

  1. Published a paper titled “A Study on the Acceptance Level of the E-Filing System by the Taxpayers in Bhutan” Universe International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (UIJIR), International Peer Reviewed Referred Indexed Journal, ISSN(O): 2582 – 6417, Volume-01/Issue-10/March 2021.
  2. Published a paper titled “E-Learning in Perspective” Revolutionizing the Indian Education System, ISBN:978-81-946245-0-9, A&E Publishing House, Bangalore, February 2021.
  3. Published a paper titled “Brand Preference of Soft Drinks in Coimbatore District” in the International Conference proceeding on “The New Normal in Management, Social Sciences & Economic Development” at Amity University, Madhya Pradesh on November 6, 2020.
  4. Published a paper titled “GCBS students Brand Preference of Soft Drinks” in the International Conference proceeding on “Challenges and Opportunities in Social Sciences, Humanities and Business Management” at Amity University, Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2019.
  5. Published a paper entitled ‘Customer Satisfaction on mBoB Services in Gedu Community of Bhutan’ ISBN Book “Governance in Indian Financial Service Sector: Reforms & Remedies” in the Month of March 2018.
  6. Published a paper entitled ‘Reasons for preferring E-Banking Services’ in the “EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review” Volume 6, Issue 3(B), March 2018.

Current Research Engagement Non-Green Campus and its Impact on Quality of Life of its Stakeholders – A Study from RUB Prospective.


  1. Recipient of Award of Silver Medal for producing 1st time 100% result (M.Com) in Income Tax,Bharathiar University Examination held in 2000.
  2. Recipient of Award of International Best Oral Presentation Award at 7th International Science Congress (ISC-2017)
  3. Recipient on Civil Service Medal (2019)

Research Interest Marketing, Accounting, Society and Business Interface.