• Tuition Fees
    Tuition fee of Nu.73,977  (Seventy three thousand nine hundred seventy seven only) per annum payable in two installments on semester basis of Nu. 36,989 (Thirty six thousand nine hundred eighty nine only) each.
  • Mess
    Mess bill of Nu. 2250 (Two thousand two hundred fifty only) per month.
  • Hostel Rent
    Hostel rent of Nu. 250 (Two Hundred fifty only) per month for 5 months (in semester-I) (=Nu. 1250).
  • Institutional Development Fund (IDF)
    Institutional Development Fund of Nu. 1,500 (One thousand five hundred only). This is not refundable.
  • Security Deposit
    Security deposit of Nu. 5,000 (Five thousand only). This is fully refundable at the time of graduation or when the student leaves the college.
  • Semso
    Amount of  Nu. 180/- (One Hundred eighty only) per semester.