Master in Business (Research)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Email: tshewangnorbu.gcbs@rub.edu.bt


  • 2014-2016       Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia Master in Business (Research)
  • 2002 – 2004    Victoria, University of Wellington, New Zealand, Master of Management Studies 
  • 2001 -2002      Victoria, University of Wellington, New Zealand, Graduate Diploma in Commerce in HRM and Industrial Relations                    
  • 1999             National Institute of Education, Samts, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • 1995-1998       Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Bhutan, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)


  1. Member of the College Management Committee (CMC)
  2. Member of the College Research Committee (CRC)
  3. Chair, Program Board of Examiners (B.Com)
  4. Accreditation working committee

Research Supervision:

  1. MBA consultancy supervision
  2. Undergraduate research project supervision 

Employment History:

  • July 2008 – Till date – Gedu College of Business Studies, Royal University of BhutanDean of Student Affairs, Sr. Lecturer & Asst. Professor

Lectured Business studies programs: Research Methods, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Strategic management, HRM, and Business Decision making subjects. Other responsibilities include curriculum development for MBA (Finance) and management of student affairs.

  • Jan. 2004 – June 2008Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan, Lecturer

Apart from lecturing on Business studies, other responsibilities include curriculum development for BBA and B.Com (Hons), student councilor, Hostel warden, and organizing sports and other extra curricula activities.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills:

  • Ability to build rapport and communicate ideas clearly, to a wide variety of people and situations.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills and can argue in a well-structured manner.
  • Demonstrated through my varied work experience and postgraduate studies.

Critical thinking and analytical skills:

  • Ability to collect and analyze information quickly and accurately, using a number of different conceptual frameworks.
  • Problem-solving skills, ability to examine a situation and identify the issues.
  • Ability to make decisions, able to analyze options, and develop alternatives.
  • Demonstrated by my multidisciplinary academic background in management and commerce and my experience in managing a small business.


  • Can work without supervision.
  • Can accurately diagnose issues and takes steps to resolve them.
  • Prepared to pursue an independent point of view.


  • Demonstrates openness to new tasks, methodologies, and ideas.
  • Can adapt to changes in work schedules and deadlines.

Results Orientation:

  • Willing to put in the hard work to get results.
  • Demonstrated self-motivation and self-discipline in the achievement of goals.

Pressure/ Stress Tolerance:

  • Ability to handle stressful situations.
  • Can maintain good working relations in stressful periods.

Team Work:

  • Participates and contributes constructively within a group environment.
  • Understands the importance of commitment, leadership, and accountability.

Technological Skills:

  • Competent user of Word, Excel, Outlook Access, and other Microsoft products.
  • Experienced in using Accounting software like Tally & MYOB Accounting Plus, and statistical software like SPSS and AMOS, etc.


2014 – Recipient of the best stream paper award on Gender, Diversity Indigeneity at  Australian New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) conference, University of Technology, Sydney. 3-5th December 2014.

2010 – Recipient of Medal from His Majesty the King of Bhutan for serving the nation for more than 15 years


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Conference, Seminar and Workshops:

  1. Resourced Financial Management Training for entrepreneurs of Chhukha Dzongkhag, 17 – 23rd September 2021.
  2. Guest speaker at ICSSR-sponsored International Conference on ‘Happiness and Performance management in Modern Globalised Business Scenario.’ 21-22 December 2019, New Delhi, India.
  3. Resourced short-term training on ‘Strategic Management on Student Services for the Royal University of Bhutan.’ 23 – 27th January 2019, Samtse College of Education, Bhutan.
  4. Presented a paper at the International Conference on ‘Changing World, Changing Scenario: Challenges and Development in Contemporary Times.’ 27-28 March 2018, Islampur College, India.
  5. Training on ‘Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Furama Silom, 19-23 June 2017, Bangkok.
  6. Presented a paper at the International Conference on ‘Cross Border Connectivity and Inclusive Growth: Possibilities and Challenges with Special Reference to the North-Eastern Region.’ 16- 18 July 2017, Shillong College, India.
  7. Attended International Workshop on ‘Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods’ organized by Gedu College of Business Studies in collaboration with Griffith University, Australia. 16-20 October 2017, Bhutan.
  8. Attended a Seminar on ‘Public Sector Performance’, Thimphu organized by the Royal Civil Service Commission in collaboration with the University of Canberra.  8-11July 2008, Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan.
  9. Attended a Workshop on ‘University Teaching and Learning,’ organized by the University of New Brunswick, Canada. 15 -25 May 2006, Bhutan.
  10. Attended Workshop on ‘Asia-Link for teaching and learning,’ organized by the Open University (UK) and University of Highlands and Islands (Scotland). 21 -24 March 2005, Thimphu, Bhutan.