In continuation to announcement made through Kuensel dated 24th July 2021, the College would like to further notify the potential bidders wishing to take part in the Annual Tender of the College for FY 2021-2022 that the College Management has decided to allow the submission of tender
documents electronically through mail.
Therefore, kindly note the following procedures to be able to fulfill and qualify in the process of submission of quotations.

  1. The eligible bidders must submit the following documents (COMPULSORY) in the mail address at: before 10.30 am on 29 th July 2021. The subject of the mail should be “Submission of Price Schedule”

1.1 Price Schedule Form
 A duly completed and signed priced quotation as per the Schedule of Items and the Price Quotation provide in the tender document.
1.2 Bid Security
 The bidder may deposit the bid security amount in College BoB Account no: 102486039 and attach screen shot in the mail OR
 Scanned copy of “Unconditional Bank Guarantee”; OR
 Scanned copy of “a Banker’s Certified Cheque/Cash Warrant”; OR
 Scanned copy of “a Demand Draft”
1.3 A Valid License copy
1.4 Tax Clearance Certificate copy


  1. Submission of bids through mail later than 10.30 am on 29 th July 2021 shall not be accepted
    & opened.
  2. The bids submitted through mail shall be opened in presence of the tender opening
    committee at 10.30 am only.
  3. All other conditions of the tendering process shall remain the same.

For further information, please contact at 05-282511 OR 17404170 during office hours.