Notification for 2nd Year students

  1. Reporting Date: 19th – 21st March, 2021unless there is a change in national COVID-19 situation.
  2. On 15th– 18th March, 2021, classes will be called off for travelling date to College.
  3. Hostel allocation will be shared via college website and Official Facebook page.
  4. Those who are mandatedto undergo quarantine must make necessary arrangements within reporting date.
  5. Briefing session for COVID-19 protocols will be done on 23rd March, 2021.
  6. Reception: 2nd Year students will be received by Student Leaders at the college main gateand other designated entry points.All students and guardians dropping students will have to undergo thermal scanning and other Covid-19 Protocols in place.
  7. All the students are expected to strictly follow COVID-19 protocols while reporting to the college.

For further information please contact:

  1. Student Service related:
  2. Ms. Dawa Dema, 17258146  (Girls)
  3. Ms. ChimiYangden, 17314921 (Girls)
  4. Mr. Chungku, 17432140  (Boys)
  5. Mr. DawaGyeltshen, 17377659   (Boys)

Academic Related to

  1. Madan Gurung (B.Com): 17851185
  2. NamgayDorji (BBA): 17747093
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