Bachelors of Business Administration is a three years course.

Year 1: Common Foundation

First Semester

MGT101 Introduction to the Business Environment
ACT101 Financial Accounting
BLT101 Legal Considerations in Business
BIM101 Introduction to Computer and Business Applications
LAN101 Grammar, Vocabulary and Phonology in Context

Second Semester

BMS101 Business Mathematics
MGT102 Management Theory and Practice
ECN101 Microeconomics
DZG101 Dzongkha Communication
ACS101 Academic Skills

Year 2: Third Semester

BIM202 Management Information System
BLT202 Financial and Business Tax Management
GSE101 Analytical Skills
ECN202 Macroeconomics
MAJOR 1: HRM201 Fundamentals of HRM/MKT201 Principles of Marketing

Fourth Semester

MGT203 Growth and Change in Business
BMS202 Statistics for Solving Business Problems
HRM202 Organizational Behaviour and Culture
MGT205 Motivation and Control Systems/EDP101 Entrepreneurship
MAJOR 2: HRM203 Recruitment & Retention/MKT202 Consumer behaviour

Year 3: Fifth Semester

MGT305 Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
MGT306 Managing Business-Government Relations
RES301 Research Methods in Business
MAJOR 3: HRM304 Compensation/ MKT303 Sales Management
MAJOR 4: HRM306 Leadership & Management Development /MKT304 Product & Service  Promotion

Sixth Semester

MGT309 Competitive Advantage: Strategic Management
HRM305 Negotiation Skills
RES302 Business Project
MAJOR 5: HRM307 Industrial Relations/ MKT305 International Marketing
MAJOR 6: HRM308 International HRM/MKT306 Retail &Distribution Management