Selection of students into different majors

Selection of students into different majors


On completion of the first two semesters, students are selected into different majors of the two programmes offered by the college. Selection into the programmes are based on two criteria; (i) student’s preference and (ii) eligibility rating


-          Each students submit three majors of their preference


-          They are then rated based on the marks in certain modules of the first two semesters. Students preferring Finance Major are rated based on their marks in Business Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting and Economics. Accounting students are selected based on their performance in Accounting, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics and Foundation to Legal Framework. The rating is as follows;


o   Finance Major


§  Business Mathematics * 5 + Business Statistics * 4 + Principles of Accounting * 3 + Microeconomics * 2 + any other subject * 1


o   Accounting Major


§  Principles of Accounting * 5 + Business Mathematics * 4 + Business Statistics * 3 + Foundation to Legal Framework * 2 + any other subject * 1


-          After taking 60 percent of the students into the two majors of B.Com programme, the remaining are spread across the three majors of BBA programme based on their preferences.


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